NFL London Preview

The NFL schedule gives us a battle between the New York Jets and the Atlanta Falcons during Week 5. This is a game that a lot of NFL fans will simply shy away from due to each team’s lack of success to start this new season. However, there are a ton more reasons to come check out this ball game. If everything ends up going correctly, we could even be talking about this being the game of the week! 

The Jets were being labelled one of the worst teams in league history before their last game and I can’t say I didn’t agree. They looked horrific and the drafting of a rookie quarterback didn’t really help them whatsoever. Their offensive line was literally allowing everybody to roll right in and got Zach Wilson sacked 16 times in four games. This line issue caused their run game to be non-existent and makes their offense wildly predictable. Defensively they aren’t great at all, which is that they have to score points to stay in games. 

The Atlanta Falcons are the exact same way. They are just 1-3 on the year but have some of the best offensive weapons that the game has ever seen. Matt Ryan continues to prove that he is a sturdy quarterback with weapons like Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts splitting apart defenders and a mediocre at best run game. Then, just like the Jets, the Falcons own a horrible defense, a group that didn’t seem to improve whatsoever from last season and let me tell you they were pretty bad then. Each team has their own weaknesses and struggles but they happen to line up pretty well. 

They each have to put up a lot of points due to bad defenses. In this game, they are each going against poor defense, which could turn this game into a shootout with a lot of points. I am expecting the game to eventually go in this direction and the game would wind up coming down to the last couple of seconds before a winner is determined. 

About a week ago I wouldn’t have even given this much thought but the Jets shocking win over the Tennessee Titans gave me some hope in them after all. Plus, the Falcons choked away a good lead to the Washington Football Team last week. However, if each team needed to get points on the board for a game winning drive, I would have a lot more faith if Matt Ryan was my quarterback right now. Ryan hasn’t been phenomenal, but we have to remember he was still the guy that led this group to a Super Bowl appearance not too long ago. Don’t sleep on this game or it will end up surprising you! Take the Falcons in this one with some confidence, it’s hard to imagine the Jets pulling out two unbelievable wins in a row against such talented offensive groups. 

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